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Promotional round-up

On Wednesday I was at The Kimberley School just north of Nottingham to speak to a group of 60 year 7 students. Again, the school made me feel welcome, and had set up a great little area in the library for the speech. The students were attentive and asked some great questions.

In the afternoon, it was off to BBC Radio Nottingham for a short interview with Paul Robey. This was a cool experience. I've never been on the radio before, so it was interesting to see what I'd seen on TV so many times in the flesh. If anything, Dominika seemed more interested than me, and she was bugging the crew to take photos. It was fun talking to Paul, who made me feel really comfortable and asked a bunch of interesting questions which gave me a great chance to talk about the book.

So, a great start to book promotion all in all. It's a big cliche amongst artists and writers and movie-makers that it's great to meet your audience, but I can say it's definitely true in my case. Meeting the kids gives me a drive to write even better books for them to enjoy, and that's never a bad thing.

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