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Sky Thieves cover.jpg

Published: March, 2017

Welcome aboard, welcome to the world of sky thieves...

​A world of meteor storms, sword fights, midnight raids, floating islands, and long-lost treasure.

​Zoya DeLarose wakes aboard a creaking sky ship in the dead of night. She has no idea why she was smuggled aboard or that her life is about to change
forever. With the deadliest of enemies closing in, will she find the strength to soar, or will she
plummet from the skies?

​Published by: Oxford University Press

. Shortlisted for the Salford Children's Book Award 2019

. Shortlisted for the RED Book Award 2019

. Shortlisted for the Derbyshire Schools' Book Award 2019

. Shortlisted for the Brilliant Book Award 2018

. Shortlisted for the Reading Rampage Award 2018

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Desert Thieves cover jpeg.jpg

Published: August, 2017

Just when she thought she'd escaped him, he had returned to destroy them all...

Zoya DeLarose wakes amongst the smoldering wreckage of the Dragonfly, the rest of the crew are nowhere to be seen but she doesn't have time to look for them, the Aviation Army are approaching and the only option she has as a fugitive is to run.

Now Zoya must put everything she's learnt as a sky thief to the test as she travels across the vast desert plains, evading capture, to find the Dragonfly's crew and defeat ​her enemies once and for all.

​Published by: Oxford University Press

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Published: January, 2020

For centuries, energy-wielding light hunters battled monsters ravaging the land, saving their world from a terrible fate. That is until a single, disastrous mistake turned people against Light, making this powerful and ancient force a feared and distant memory. 

Meet Lux, the boy with Light in his eyes. On the surface, he looks like a normal 12-year-old – but Lux has a secret. Not only can he wield Light, he might be the finest Light-healer the world has ever seen. When Lux uses his power to save his best friend Maya after a terrifying attack, his Light draws a strange, shadowy figure to town, aiming to use his powers for evil.

As he is catapulted into the world of the Light Hunters, Lux and his friends race against time to locate a roaming Monster and stop it before it destroys his hometown.

But is the Monster the real terror, or is there a greater danger lurking in the shadows, waiting for its moment to strike?

Published by: UCLan Publishing

. Shortlisted for the InspiREAD2020 Primary Book Award

. Shortlisted for the Brilliant Book Award 2021


LH_CVR_Final copy.jpg

Published: August, 2022

The Light Hunters have fought Monsters for centuries and Squad Juno are the very best at it. From cities to villages, the young group’s abilities are on show for all to see now that their powers don’t have to be used in secret. Every victory they have prevents a Monster from taking more victims, preventing more loss. Lux Dowd, Squad Juno’s healer, has had more than enough loss... But a more immediate loss is that of his powers. Lux can’t – or won’t – heal his teammates. Whenever he tries, a terrible energy comes from within and hurts the people around him. Lux can’t afford to lose anymore of those he cares about. Sent on a mission that could end their war against the Monsters, the Light Hunters soon find themselves making new allies in their quest to unearth an Ancient secret that may be able to stop the attacks. Could this really be the last monster they fight?

Published by: UCLan Publishing

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