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What’s cooking in the Sky Thieves’ world this week

Having recharged our batteries this weekend in Mablethorpe and at Kinder Scout in the Peak District, I’m ready for another activity-packed week of writing and events.

Here’s me with Dominika at Mablethorpe. Yin and Yang? (Dom found the cold of the North Sea rather amusing. Not I!).

And here’s a picture near Kinder Scout. Don’t be fooled by the beautiful view; it was probably the coldest I’ve ever been in my entire life. In fact, the wind was so cold that it actually froze my nostrils!

Anyway, onto this week. Not long ago I attended the Brilliant Book Awards 2018 Launch Event and since then I’ve been very much looking forward to meeting some of the children behind the choosing of this year’s shortlist. I’m still chuffed that “Sky Thieves” has made this year’s list and reviews suggest the children have been enjoying Zoya’s story. On Wednesday I’ll be visiting a couple of participating schools, John Port School in Etwall, Derby, and Magnus Church of England Academy in Newark-on-Trent. Hopefully my nostrils will have recovered!

The following day, Thursday 1st March, is World Book Day. It’s one of the world’s best-known reading initiatives and I’m delighted to be taking part. I’ll be meeting with children at Arnold Hill Academy, Nottingham, to celebrate the day.

Check back for more updates on this on my News page or follow me on Twitter for the latest.

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