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Final “Sky Thieves” instalment in the Brilliant Book Award events calendar

Today we drove to Newark where we met with the children of Magnus C of E school and Retford Oaks Academy. Before the main event I was asked by the school librarian to meet with Magnus’ reading group who were excited to share their feedback after reading “Sky Thieves” and have their copies of the book signed. The BBA awards events have been some of my first opportunities to speak to youngsters who’ve read the first book in the Sky Thieves series and are moving onto book two. It was great to hear their takes on the story, and meet fans of Zoya and the crew! One girl even said a certain event in the book made her cry, which is very nice to hear for a writer!

Following the reading group meetup, it was onto the main event. Unfortunately, before this started, we had a hiccup with IT, and the big screen would not work. D’oh! Thanks to some quick-thinking from one of the school’s IT guys, we were able to get things up and running again. The kids were great as usual, and asked a barrage of interesting questions, (as well as giving me the usual dozens of ideas for stories!).

Now we’ve done all we can and it’s over to the kids, who’ll be voting for their favourite book on this year’s BBA shortlist. Fingers crossed!

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