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"Desert Thieves" release and pictures from the last few months

It's been a busy few weeks, with tweaking a book I've been working on, visiting schools and bookshops and the launch of the second book in the Sky Thieves series, "Desert Thieves".

Here are a few pictures telling the story of what's been going on.

Left to right, top to bottom:

  1. Just before the book signing at The Bakewell Bookshop

  2. With "Sky Thieves" in Bakewell

  3. Signing books in Bakewell

  4. A sextet of "Sky Thieves"

  5. Yarghh...

  6. Great work by the team at Waterstones Derby

  7. In the window. Yoohoo!

  8. A couple of readers and the awesome (and soon to be published), Fran at Waterstones Derby

  9. Addressing the audience at the St John Houghton awards evening

  10. Signing books at Waterstones

  11. My first adult fan at Waterstones Grimsby. Still made her do the silly face photo, though

  12. Take to the skies!

  13. Hello there!

  14. With the girls at Waterstones Grimsby. Lovely and enthusiastic

  15. Found this picture a day after the Waterstones Grimsby appearance. Love it!

  16. With the readers at The Bakewell Bookshop, talking about sky thieves

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