Desert Thieves

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Just when she thought she'd escaped him, he had returned to destroy them all...


Zoya DeLarose wakes amongst the smoldering wreckage of the Dragonfly, the rest of the crew are nowhere to be seen but she doesn't have time to look for them, the Aviation Army are approaching and the only option she has as a fugitive is to run.


Now Zoya must put everything she's learnt as a sky thief to the test as she travels across the vast desert plains, evading capture, to find the Dragonfly's crew and defeat ​her enemies once and for all.

​Published by: Oxford University Press


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Praise for Desert Thieves

"When it comes to world building, Dan Walker feels like he's tapped directly into my brain... You barely have time to draw breath as you're once again hurled into this brilliant adventure series with one of the most enigmatic and fascinating lead characters we've seen in a Steampunk novel in a long long time (it's not difficult to see why the genre continues to be one of the most engaging and imaginative out there in the YA spectrum). Utterly mesmerising, couldn't get enough and of course now I'm slavering at the chops for book 3. Wonderful stuff Dan, truly brilliant."